The one stop shop for student kitchen, bedroom and bathroom essentials

Who are we?

We’re one of the fastest growing student brands in the UK. Since 2012 we’ve been providing students with a smarter way to live, maximising convenience and providing a service of the highest quality.

Chaffinch Student provides the best value, amazing and contemporary products to help discerning students on their journey through university and beyond. We design our products and services just for students. 

There is not another company who can compare to our levels of quality, value and customer service when it comes to getting the things students need, at exactly the time that they want them.

That's enough about us... Here's how we help you!

Whether you're a parent waving goodbye to your child for the first time living away from home, stepping off a 20 hour flight from one of the four corners of the globe, or moving into new accommodation in your postgraduate years, Chaffinch Student is the provider of choice. 

Our products are designed to perform and be there when you need them. You want to settle in as quickly as possible and spend your time and efforts on more "fun" activities. The only thing we can't do is wash them for you...!

Who else do we help?

We not only supply product to students from over 75 countries studying at universities across the UK, we also work directly with universities and private-sector accommodation providers to fit out the final touches of their developments. 

Our team has experience of working with some of the fastest growing and coolest student accommodation brands in the UK. 

What else do we do? 

Not only to we sell some of the coolest products you will ever see in a halls of residence, we are also the best value and most innovative student storage and moves company in the UK. 

Check out what else the Chaffinch Student group do here.